Chassis is pretty beat, but it works perfectly, as far as I can tell. Recently replaced the input jack, battery terminal, and some old wires.
The SVm5 is an improved version of the popular SV-2 envelope-controlled volume effect. It features additional controls that allow the user to fine tune the effect to their playing style. The threshold control adjusts the input level needed to trigger the effect while the rising control adjusts the upward volume swell from abrupt chop to slow, smooth rise. Also, the new Release control adjusts t...
Chassis is pretty beat, but it works perfectly, as far as I can tell. Recently replaced the input jack, battery terminal, and some old wires.
Good as new, works perfectly. Comes with everything.
EDIT: Hall of Fame and PH-3 no longer available. $110 - Boss PH-1R Phaser - Chassis is pretty beat, but it works. Recently replaced the input jack, battery terminal, and some old wires. $50 - Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter - Some speckles where the paint flaked off on face and sides. $90 - DOD 440 Reissue Envelope Filter - Excellent condition, works perfectly. $105 - TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Rever...
This is a listing for 11 PC games and 4 DVD s. Each item in the list below includes a description stating what the item comes with or does not come with. Lot comes as a whole, Games and DVD s are not sold individually. I will respond back to you at my earliest convenience. Cash only. Meet up only, no shipping of items. No refunds. If interested in the purchasing the lot you must come to my area...
My husband paid $160. T25 focus beta & alpha 8 DVDs, meal plan, recipe book & brand new resistance bands.
Completely overhauled vintage Fernandes Strat w original Fender headstock. Great playing condition with very few blemishes. Sunburst w black pick guard - $400Tascam DA-20, excellent condition - $100Alesis xxxx, excellent condition - $80TEAC xxxxS, not in working condition, being sold for parts - $100 takes the whole machine as isAcoustic Guitar (generic) - $50BBE Sonic Maximizer- $75TEAC Model ...
Exceptional, Ebony polish Kawai KG-1D. Professionally tuned and taken care of. No issues. No smoker home. This piano looks, plays and sounds like new.
Barely used, Like New 8" Amp. Originally part of a BC Rich Warlock guitar package (guitar sold). Good for solo & light practicing, etc. Not to necessarily for live concert sound, unless you're using it as a personal stage amp. $100 or Best Offer.
Just found out that Model# xxxx was discontinued in xxxx so the newest it could be is that year.Acoustic Only Guitar. Brand new bridge (bone, not plastic for better resound) and strings. No guitar case with purchase. $385 or Best Offer Model# xxxx Serial# Axxxx7
Acoustic only guitar. Missing part of one knob: still holds the G string, but the post makes contact with the head of the guitar. Fret board shows sign of plenty of practice & love of playing. Other than that, it's in excellent condition. $125 or Best offer. Model# OGxxxx Serial# SCxxxxxxxx (Pictures to come)
Good condition. Not using anymore. $60 or best offer.
Not using anymore. Excellent condition. $70 or Best offer.
This is a full size electric organ. It has two full keyboards for hands and a full keyboard for the foot. It needs some adjustment. It comes with its bench. It would be excellent for a church or funeral home.
Drum Curriculum: a. Notation for the drum set 1. Identifying notes on a staff with corresponding drum or cymbal 2. Understanding Time Signatures and Note values 3. Understanding Rests, Repeats and Chart navigation b. Technique 1. Proper holding of drum sticks 2. Warm up routines 3. Co...
Hi, I have a Korg X50 synth that is in excellent condition. I am looking to trade it for a used Korg PS60. Since I mostly gig out, the PS60 is more suitable for live performance where as the X50 is a better studio synth. I am in central New Jersey.
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